About the Farm


223 NE Mule Barn Road
Lathrop, MO 64465-9450

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Picking Hours

See Home page tab for current hours.  Strawberry season and blackberry season have different hours.

Farm Facts

  • 50 acre lake (sorry, no fish)
  • 1½ acres of blackberries
  • 800 raspberry plants
  • 5000 strawberry plants
  • 200 tomato plants
  • 5 happy children (unless working in 100 degrees)



Strawberries and Raspberries:  Pull in at the driveway at our house (green).  The strawberries are in the high tunnel behind the barn. 

Blackberries:  Go past the house, past the lake to the patch (about 3/4 mile from the highway). 

Cars can drive on mowed areas. Please do not drive in the tall grass for your safety.  There are 3 large sinkholes and the Platte-Clay electric truck and the fire truck almost drove off in them!  That would have been a disaster!  (The fire kind of was, but to lose the fire truck really would have been.)


We will provide you with containers and a picking tray for collecting the berries or we will weigh a container you bring before you start.

Restrooms and Water

There is no potable water. A 5-gallon cooler with water and cups is available at checkout. We will refill your water bottle or cup as needed. A very clean port-a-potty is available onsite.

Forgot something?

Dollar General Store in Lathrop is 3/4 of a mile from the gravel road on 116 highway.

Looking for other Pick Your Own Produce or locally grown produce?

Go to www.pickyourown.org and search by state and county or commodity or go to www.agrimissouri.com for listings of Missouri  producers and where to find their products.

Christopher Farms, Lathrop : large variety of vegetables--outstanding watermelon
Shatto Dairy, Perrin - 12 miles from us, dairy
Camp Lindo, Lathrop - chicken
Tiny Whole Farm, Lathrop - grass fed Dexter beef and chicken

Farming Practices

Our goal is sustainable agriculture as defined by the USDA. We are not an "organic" or "natural" farm.  Please click here for the list of what herbicides and/or pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation practices were applied, when, and why they were used. 


Fertilizers & Other Nutrients