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Why so many varieties? Some bear early, some late, and some in between. There is also a difference in taste and berry size.

If you come in the middle of blackberry season, you will probably get to taste and try them all!


  • Adding Osage 2016 - an early season fruit similar to Natchez
  • Prime Jan — late-late season, medium/small fruit, BEARS LAST
  • Illini Hardy — early season, thorny, (we pick this one), smaller fruit, very winter hardy plant
  • Kiowa — mid-season, thorny, (we pick this one), largest fruit of all
  • Ouachita — (pronounced WAH-shi-tah), late early/mid season , very firm fruit, packs well
  • Natchez — early season fruit, very large fruit, AND WE MEAN THE SIZE OF A MAN'S THUMB
  • Navaho — late early/mid season, medium size, firm fruit
  • Chester — late season, medium size, firm fruit, packs well for market
  • Triple Crown — mid season, very large fruit but soft, THE SWEETEST OF THEM ALL


  • Lauren Raspberries — early season, large size, rich flavor
  • Prelude Raspberries — earliest, medium fruit, very winter hardy
  • Jaclyn Raspberries — same season as Autumn Britten, large fruit, firm
  • Josephine Raspberries — late fruit, excellent firmness, medium fruit


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