About Us

Our History

A few years ago, our family had been trying to think of a way to get the kids outside more, teach hard work and sound money management skills. We wanted to provide a second income for the family that didn't take Renee away from home. From Renee's picking experience, a demand existed for blackberries that could not be met by the local farms. We had land, location, and a lake for water. The kids liked blackberries (versus the asparagus farm idea). So in January of 2010, we started planning the farm and buying equipment and plants.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with terrific berries and a fun family experience while teaching our children work ethic, honesty, courtesy, and money management. 

Our dream is several acres of berries and produce.   We hope you enjoy the farm and thanks for joining our journey.

The Sebas