About Us

Our History

Several years ago, our family had been trying to think of a way to get the kids outside more, teach hard work and sound money management skills. The oldest is heading off to college this fall.  We feel like we have been successful in our goals.  

Our dreams started out big with the idea of several acres of berries and produce, U-pickers, and a great family time.  Nature decided to play havoc with the farm for a few years with drought and flood and freeze.  Overdrift from other crop land set us back.  And, finally Renee has had cancer twice in the last three years.  

With these factors, we are leaving behind the idea of U-pick, and downsizing the farm.  We still attend farmer's market with berries, but the realities of Renee's health and kids' activities have dictated change.  

We thank all of you who have been part of our journey.  You have been supportive and encouraging.  

The Sebas