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Come Pick at the Patch

U-Pick Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. We are 25 minutes north of Liberty in Lathrop, MO.

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Picking Report

May 30, 2014

There are still not enough strawberries for us to open, and it looks as if we have lost the blackberry crop for this season.  We are profoundly disappointed, even more so than you are reading this. 

We try to remind ourselves that we are not the first farmers in history to have poor or failed crops.  I think we are in pretty good company; however, facing the ongoing work to prepare for next year is a bit depressing at times.  We are trying to read and listen to a lot of stories of those who have faced challenges, failed, and yet stayed the course. 

Our plan is to be here with a great crop next year.  We ask that you check on us next May.  We realize the challenges to remember us an entire year from now, but hopefully you will.  The berries we have (enough for the house)  taste fantastic.  A friend told me they taste like candy. 

We'll get there, just not this year apparently.  Again, our apologies. 

The Sebas

May 20, 2014

Berries are green and still blooming.  I still think mid June with the cold weather we've had in May. 

Raspberries are formed, but still small.  Again, mid June. 

We will also have U-pick tomatoes at a price you salsa makers can afford.  We put out 200 tomatoes so we should have plenty.  Keep that in mind. 

4-1-14 Projections of Crops (my best guess at this time):

Strawberries:  Late May/June is my best guess right now.  It was, of course, a brutal winter.  We have a lot of damage, and the plants are slow to come out dormancy this spring (since we haven't really had any spring weather).  The high tunnel strawberries didn't make it, so no early berries.  We'll go with a standard Missouri outdoor strawberry crop in June.  They don't call them June-bearers for nothing.

Raspberries:  We should have a small spring crop in June on the outdoor berries and an outdoor and high tunnel crop in the fall in late Septbember/early October. 

Blackberries:  Late spring means blackberries around the 4th of July.  Then 10 weeks of crop.  We had 15,000 lbs last year.  We expect a smaller crop due to damage, but are still thinking 10,000 lbs which is enough for everyone and then some. 

Prices & Payment

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Strawberries $ 2 / lb
Blackberries $4.25 / lb
Raspberries $6.25 / lb

If you need containers we have them, but it is $0.25 per pound more. 




We are unable to open in 2014 due to crop loss and failure this season.  Please accept our apologies. 

We are still open for farm tours to see how we are planting and growing for next season. 


223 NE Mule Barn Road
Lathrop, MO 64465-9450
Phone: (816) 528-4633
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