Raspberries in the kids hands June 2015

Come Pick at the Patch

U-Pick Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. We are 30 minutes north of Liberty in Lathrop, MO.

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Picking Report

Friday July 24th

Finally fruit!!!! We only picked 50 lbs Sunday thru Thursday, so we held off opening this week as that would only be less than 10 customers satisified.  

Starting Monday morning, we will be open at 7 a.m. until 11 (it is usually too hot after that for the berries and the people).  If you need to pick in the evening, call or e-mail us and we will get you set up for a time.  

orry for the delays, but we just couldn't make that fruit ripen!  

Also, know that the farm is still a mess from the rains.  Our shelter house is still flooded from the draining lake, and we have areas that we can't mow (I've had the mower stuck several times this year), so we look bad.  We can't mow the entrance area due to washed out cluvert and road.  Just FYI.  No farm in Clinton County looks good this year, us included.  The Chesters, where we will have U-pick are mowed short, but still lots of weeds we don't usually have.  We hope to see you and thanks for your patience.  

Monday, July 12th

Well, we will see what the heat brings this week.  The last two weeks of cool and rain did not make the berries ripen.  So, we are still on hold for U-picking.  The Chesters, our 2nd to last variety look good and are set on heavy, so we may just have to wait until August for a nice, easy U-pick.  There is just no beating this very strange weather.  

We just received 4000 more strawberries Friday and will be planting for next year in the 2 weeks.  That is good news for all those strawberry lovers.  

Thursday, July 2nd

We think that there will be blackberries available for U-pick within two weeks.  Keep checking for updates.  We will post as soon as we have fruit.  Hope to see folks on the farm in a couple of weeks!

Sunday, June 21st

Mule Barn Berries is currently between seasons, and therefore will not be open for the next few weeks. Our strawberry season has ended, but our blackberry season is still a few weeks from being ready.

Raspberries are currently producing, but not enough to open for U-pick. We will have raspberries in July, as well as in the fall.

We do expect blackberries by the second week of July. Keep checking here to stay posted!

Monday June 8th

We will NOT BE OPEN this week for picking.  We do not have enough strawberries left.

We received 10+ inches of rain, closing in on 30" of rain in 35 days at our property.  That is just more than a farmer can overcome.  The rain and lack of sun has finished off the last of the crop.  

We don't have enough raspberries to open this week.  I hope that changes for next week.  They are really set on outside, but we need sunshine with no rain.  

Sorry for the strawberry news.  I know we disappointed a number of people with the irregular hours, but we just can't order sunshine to ripen the crop, and the rain destroyed all the outdoor crop leaving us just a little bit of what we planted viable.  

Prices & Payment

Payment Forms Accepted

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit card (but 3% fee on top)

Strawberries $ 2 / lb
Blackberries $4.00 / lb
Raspberries $6.00 / lb

B Grade blackberries (jam/pie fruit) $10 / 3 lb bag
C Grade blackberries (juicing/jelly) $5 / 3 lb bag

C grade fruit is not texturally suitable to eat straight up.  You must juice it.  

If you need containers we have them, but it is $0.25 per pound more. 




Monday July 27th :  7 a.m. to 11 a.m.  U-pick.  Call for evening picking.
Tuesday July 28th:  7 - 11
Thursday July 29th 7-11
Friday:  7-11
Saturday  7-12


223 NE Mule Barn Road
Lathrop, MO 64465-9450
Phone: (816) 528-4633
Note:  Google and mapquest do not give correct directions
Map and turn by turn directions
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